Let’s innovate together

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies:
Sharing expertise for a collective ambition

With a foundation of common objectives and mutual commitment, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies and its partners ascribe to a model of co-innovation that is breaking new ground.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies brings together a multitude of skillsets that complement one another, offering a true synergy of resources in terms of research, expertise and operating experience in the field. This approach is essential to allow new technologies to emerge in a reasoned fashion without casting doubt on the existing processes, in terms of both industry and application.

The HGCT priority is to fulfil the specifications provided by partners for optimal application performance.
Today, HGCT’s main goal is to give its partners the ability to provide the best real-world responses to specific applications; the best glues, plasters and concretes, whether ready-mix or prefabricated! Test protocols are prepared in collaboration and once finalised, they are put on trial in real applications on production or work sites.

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies offers its government, industrial or operational partners, specific fields of research in service of a new way of building, organised around three fundamental pillars:

  • Factor 4

  • Use of co-products

  • Zero clinker

The technologies of HGCT are possible thanks to our partners’ operating experience which allows us to continually refine and improve application characteristics for ever-increasing performance.

A co-innovation
project with national
and European support

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies: recipient of the French “investissements d'avenir” (investments in the future) label PIA


Since technological revolutions are an ambition that must be shared on a large scale, and in order to participate in building the city of tomorrow and to ensure responsible, sustainable and environmentally conscious land use planning, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has worked to obtain support from French and European government bodies with particularly demanding requirements:

In December 2017, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies obtained a first important recognition with validation of the project as part of the PIA1. In September 2018, a second application was validated as part of PIA3 following an agreement between the French government and Loire Regional government.


  • In 2010, 35B€ were allocated to the first wave (PIA 1)

  • In 2014, the PIA was reinforced and an additional 12B€ were allocated (PIA 2)

  • In 2016, an additional 10B€ were dedicated to the PIA

Hoffmann Green
Cement Technologies, Laureate
of the Horizon 2020 programme:


Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies received high honours from the jury in the European scientific excellence programme, H2020.

Horizon 2020 research framework (2014-2020), unites for the first time, European research and innovation initiatives such as P.C.R.D.T., Euratom, actions for innovation of the framework for innovation and competitiveness, European institute of innovation and technology, around 3 priorities:

  • Scientific excellence

  • Industrial competitiveness

  • Societal challenges


Hoffmann Green
Cement Technologies:
elected Jeune Entreprise Innovante (innovative young company)

New companies created before 31 December 2019 that invest in research and development (R&D), with the innovative young company status (JEI) or young university company status (JEU), can benefit from tax and social security exemptions.