What if we invented the cement plant of the future...


Plant and technologies: version 4.0

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies’ cement plant of the future: a concept with zero environmental impact

Built in 18 months, whereas a traditional cement plant takes 20 years, our Bournezeau plant benefits from a simplified authorisation scheme thanks to its zero impact on the environment.

Our industrial site began production in January 2019.

The Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies plant is a 4.0 industrial unit, both from a manufacturing process and an energy efficiency perspective.

The plant offers guarantees when it comes to preserving the environment.

No furnaces or quarries, but instead, solar trackers.

The Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies concept can be duplicated throughout France and around the world.

tonnes produced per year
Solar trackers
km of cables
km of conveyors

Accelerated mode construction

December 2016

Decision to launch the construction

January 2017

Preliminary design


June 2017

Building permit obtained

September 2017

Foundations laid


November 2017

First silos installed

October 2018

First load tests


November 2018

Declaration of completion

January 2019

First production campaign launched


Our production site
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