What if we revolutionized
the construction sector?

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies Innovation

Reducing the footprint of the most consumed material in the world using solutions that are both realistic and innovative? It’s possible with Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies’ solutions!

While concrete remains the architectural material par excellence, cement, its main component, also used in formulations for plaster, glue, mortar and hydraulic road binders, is responsible for 5% of the world’s carbon gas emissions, alone. No less than 60% of these emissions are related to the phenomenon of decarbonatation of traditional cements to obtain their binding properties, the remaining 40% of emissions are related to fuels.

Far from the 900 kg of CO₂ per metric tonne of Portland cement, HGCT’s innovative technologies, H-P2A, H-EVA and H-UKR offer low-energy solutions and zero clinker formulations, reducing CO₂ emissions by 75%, never exceeding 250 kg per metric tonne of cement formulated using our technologies.

reduce carbon footprint
preserve natural ressources

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies,
multiple solutions for all
applications in the field.

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The Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies range offers multiple solutions for all applications in the construction sector:
glues, mortars, plasters, roads, ready-mix concrete, and applications across the entire concrete industry.

These technologies rely on patented formulations, tested in the field thanks to the expertise of our partners on both manufacturing sites and worksites.

In a context of never-before-seen mobilisation in the field when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructures in France, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has arrived at just the right moment!

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies:
produce more, better and for less!

In France, the entire building sector is committed to producing more, better and for less, and to drastically reducing their carbon footprint, both in the construction phase including manufacturing
of materials, as well as during use of buildings.

The H-P2A, H-EVA and H-UKR range of solutions represents a revolution that is underway in the construction sector, with the birth of viable and efficient new technologies. All Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies products meet two objectives: reuse waste or co-products from industry and offer products with a very low carbon footprint. Beyond the innovation approach, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies acts according to its industrial roots, offering sustainable and realistic solutions, compatible with existing processes, and providing a real alternative to traditional cement.